Peter Phillips Opens New Studio/Gallery in Australia

After years of living, traveling and working between Europe, the United States and Central America, Peter Phillips has relocated his working studio to Australia. It is located in the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane.

In recognition of his internationally recognized record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in the arts, the Australian Government granted Peter a Distinguished Talent visa, allowing him to live permanently in Australia. (He remains grateful to the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra for their sponsorship).

Having found a large acreage property in the foothills behind Noosa, Peter renovated an industrial barn into a large-scale studio and gallery to house his private collection. The Peter Phillips’ collection encompasses six decades of work, spanning from large-scale paintings to mixed-media collages to lithographic prints and sculptures.

Importantly, the new space also serves as Peter’s primary working studio. The clarity of light and open space lends itself exceptionally well to Peter’s style of work.

While Peter continues to exhibit worldwide – with primary gallery representation in Europe – Peter encourages any collectors interested in touring his new studio in Australia to contact him to arrange a private showing.


Peter Phillips Retrospective at 99 Mary Street

  99 Mary Street have the pleasure of presenting legendary and highly influential British pop artist Peter Phillips. No mere retrospective, the show will play host to archive pieces, new works and revisited works including pieces produced specifically for this event....

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The BBC and Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips has been commissioned by the BBC to create a new BBC Four ident which will run throughout August alongside new logos produced by his fellow Royal College graduates Peter Blake and Derek Boshier. The trio starred in the seminal 1962 Ken Russell documentary about Pop Art, Pop Goes The Easel.

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Phillips’ work at the Helmhaus

The Helmhaus, a contemporary art institution run by the city of Zurich, will feature Peter Phillips in the upcoming exhibition, Das Dreieck Der Liebe – Körperlichkeit und Abstraktion

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Royal Birmingham Society of Artists celebrates 200 years

The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists ("RBSA"), one of the oldest artist-led societies in Britain, will celebrate 200 years with a landmark retrospective exhibition titled 'A Place for Art: The Story of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists'. Phillips,...

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Peter Phillips at Galerie Proarta, Zurich

Galerie Proarta in Zurich is staged a solo exhibition on July 9th, 2014. With over 20 original paintings, works on paper and prints on display, the exhibition featured two decades of works by Peter Phillips.  Featured works included Cross Roads (1991-92),...

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Peter Phillips at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid

In 1992, pop art was famously featured at the Museo Reina Sofia. Now, bringing pop art back to a new generation of art lovers in Madrid, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is staging Pop Art Myths from June through September 2014. Curated by Paloma Alarcó, the...

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Tate’s Young Generation Selects Peter Phillips Works

The BP Spotlights Series, in partnership with the Tate Museum, is a series of exhibitions with in-depth displays that explore various themes. From April through September 2014, the BP Spotlight: Source explores six unique themes – one per month - and will...

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Remembering Africa Twirl for the 2010 World Cup

  In honor of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we remember the work Peter Phillips was commissioned to paint for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The 2010 Fine Art Project was an official 2010 World Cup collaboration that brought together a range of...

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Entertainment Machine at the Tate

The Tate Gallery's homage to British Pop Art, 'Art & the Sixties: This Was Tomorrow', features Peter Phillips early oil on canvas, The Entertainment Machine. Of the 31 works of Peter Phillips owned by the Tate, The Entertainment Machine is a particularly...

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Vogue China: Pop Art Never Dies

In the February 2014 edition of Vogue Magazine, China, the article Pop Art Never Dies featured Peter Phillips 1968 gouache on paper titled Gravy for the Navy. Emblematic of what Vogue calls a provocative, sexy, sleek portrayal of modern people’s material...

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It’s All Gravy

“It’s all gravy”, was once a popular slang term used by US Navy sailors meaning “it’s all good”. And so, in the early 1960s, Peter Phillips composed a series of Gravy for the Navy paintings with patriotic pin-up women (inspired by drawings by Alberto Vargas...

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When Britain Went Pop! Christies shows the early years

Launching Christie’s new Mayfair gallery in London, in partnership with Waddington Custot Galleries, "When Britain Went Pop" exhibits Pop Art in Britain from its infancy in the 1940's through its hay day in the 1960s. By 1961, emerging London-based artists...

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The New Situation; Art in London in the Sixties

In 2013, Sotheby's mounted an exhibition focusing on the decade of the 1960's, when British artists captured the world’s imagination, finding recognition and success both at home and abroad. Reuniting over 40 artists from the excitement of the London scene...

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Hidden away in Tehran

In 1979, the world’s most valuable collection of modern art located outside Europe or America simply vanished. The Islamic Revolution swept through Iran with tremendous fervor, resulting in the banishment of works held at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary...

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1972 The Cars “Heartbeat City” Album Cover

On a rainy fall day in 1984, Peter Phillips met drummer David Robinson of The Cars over cocktails in a London bar. Robinson is credited for naming the band and concepting its album covers, which have also featured risqué artwork from pin-up artist Alberto...

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War/Game: 1961 The Strokes “Room on Fire” Album Cover 2003

A century after the American Civil War, Peter Phillips created War/Game using oil and polished wood on canvas. The painting depicts opposing confederate and union forces through typical emblems of combat – flags, guns and uniforms. Four decades later, the...

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Hurdler, 1972: Olympische Spiele Munchen

Peter Phillips was commissioned to create one of twenty-eight posters to advertise the Munich Olympic Games of 1972. Pop art contemporaries such as Allen Jones and David Hockney contributed to the collection.

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